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Post 159: Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks

Today I'm told is Friday 26th September, it feels a lot earlier than that but I'll take their word for it. For two days and nights I've been exploring Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, ... probably my last destinations in California, ... a State which seems to be holding onto me. They were both beautiful, they're American National Parks, .. they should be.
I meet the Lang family from Arkansas, we talk for a while. Jim the father rides a Yamaha FJR, he loves bikes and he loves touring, he hands me his cell phone number, he'd like to take me fly fishing on the White River, ... I've never fished before in my life, ..... I tell him this. His response is perfect, ..... 'you're travelling and I'm retired, ... plenty of time to learn and teach respectively'.
Last night I ate in a small 'Diner', the television was on but the Diner was empty, .. perhaps people here are feeling the economic squeeze, .... perhaps it was just a bad place to eat. I watch a news broadcast, .... Sarah Palin is running for Vice President of the worlds largest economic and foreign power, she's explaining her 'Foreign Policy Credentials' to a female reporter. It feels like I'm watching 'Train Wreck TV', .. her career about to dive into the nearest Ocean, .... an Ocean I now feel certain she could not name . She explains hesitantly to the reporter that her expertise on Foreign Policy is based on the fact that she lives in Alaska, .. which is 'quite close to Russia, .. it's closer to Canada, .. and Mr Putin is a really bad guy'. I can't believe what I am hearing, her performance is childlike, .... 'Sarah, ..... why wasn't your history homework handed in on time?', ....... This Lady from Alaska could become the second most powerful person in the world. Perhaps when I review my list of places in the world where I would most like to live, a list that is long and growing, I might asterisk *USA, ....... 'pending the outcome of Novembers election'.
Today, I'm going to ride through Death valley and into Las Vegas, .. two places that I really want to visit. I have $100 to blow in a Vegas casino, a casino with no dress restrictions. Following the example of 'Mondo Enduro', who made this journey ten years ago, I'll place the $100 on 'Red', .... if I win, .. I sleep in a cheap Motel, ..... if I loose, .. I keep on riding.

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