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Post 147: Special Package, 'CitySprint Deliver'

Highway 128 took me to Boonville and the home of my brother Alan, his wife Torrey and their two children. Their home stands in two acres of land and the extended family currently includes: 2 Cows; Watermelon & Bramble, 2 lambs; Marshmallow & Jackie, 3 pigs all named George, 2 ducks, several chickens and a crazy sheepdog named Blue.

It is on this humble yet beautiful two acre parcel of land that my mother Barbara spent the happiest days in the final year of her life, it is this small-holding that she so wanted my father to see. Today, 1st September 2008, my mothers final wish has been granted.

Since leaving St Teresa's Hospice, Darlington on St George's Day 23rd April 2008, I have carried with me a special package, a package containing the ashes of my parents. As a courier with CitySprint, this is without doubt the most important package that I have carried, ..... and possibly the longest ever motorcycle courier delivery. They have travelled with me across Europe, down through the Balkans, into Russia and through Siberia to the Far East. More importantly, they have ridden the Pacific Coastline and through the redwood forests of Northern California on a Triumph motorcycle.

I will not write about the 'Scattering' today, I need to vanish for a while and take a break. Over the next two weeks I will be loosing myself in the wilderness of North America before returning to Boonville, updating this blog, answering the many emails and then continuing the journey.

I need to say 'Thank You' to everybody who has helped me to make this delivery possible and also 'Thank You' to you, .... for reading these humble ramblings.

See you in two weeks, ...... 'Blue88'


Anonymous said...

Stunning. We'll be waiting Geoff, have a great time. Ride carefully out there.
Mike (UK Biker).

JoeC said...

Had a tear in my eye reading your 147 post.


fairings said...

i can't get over the the article on this blog post. have you read it?