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Post 290: Ubon heading West (5 Posts Today)

Heading back West with the sun blazing above me, I pulled in for fuel and met the Buri Ram Classic Bike Club. No English sadly, but a warm welcome for the crazy ‘Angrit’ on his modernish scooter.

They assembled the bikes for a group picture, each wanting their own bike to take centre stage. I took photographs of all of them and everybody was happy.

As I packed away the camera, with my usual good timing, the yellow Honda C90 suddenly burst into flames. No warning, just spontaneous combustion. Panic. People running everywhere for water and me diving for my camera.

Thankfully the flames were extinguished before any serious damage was done, but sadly also before my camera was ready. In the aftermath, the C90 sat in a pool of water and seemingly refused to start.

On closer inspection, the C90 was running with an open carb, not even a bellmouth or K&N Filter. That’ll teach the guy that no matter what you’re riding, smoking never looks cool…… mai pen rai

One question that haunts me is this ..... Why do all Thai's look so cool on their scooters ... and I just look so bloody English? ..... mai pen rai

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