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Post 283: Bikes & Bits

When the opportunity to go to Vietnam and buy the 'Minsk' vanished ... more of which later, I was disappointed with the fact that by restricting myself to 'Rentals', I'd be missing out on the actual 'Riding Experience' that comes with 2-Wheel-Travel. However, for the first time in my life, I've ridden bikes that back home in Blighty I would never have considered worthy. I've discovered the 'Break-Back' and the 'Twist N Go' and it's been something of a revelation.

I met these Guy's from the Nogthong Classic Bike Club out on the road, all riding Honda Cubs. It was great to ride with them for an afternoon and at last I was with folks that I could actually keep pace with. It's a great experience, there's none of the cock-fighting that you get riding with
sports bikers back at home. Nobody gives a shit if you've got virgin sliders or shredded tyres, everybody just wants to laugh and have a great time ... no pressure ... mai pen rai.

Back in Korat, I came across this little beast ... the Honda Chaly ... with a few modifications. It's fitted with Nitros, but it's more about Vanity than Insanity. Sadly I couldn't arrange for a test-ride, but I'd love to try it one day ....

It seems that the Honda Cub is this years 'Black' ... and if Honda's marketing team are reading, which they used to do when waiting for my Tiger to explode in Siberia, then reintroduce the Cub in retro form .. but a pucker retro .. and you'll make a packet. (Copyright Blue88 .. Patents pending etc.)

Then there was this lump of lead parked at the side of the road. I was heading South after exploring a possible future business venture, and this was 'For Sale' at the side of the road. No documents, no papers, but yours for around £2,500.00, which in these parts is cheap for a big bike. I took it for a 'Spin', or should that be a 'Grunt', and returned it when the fuel tank was empty. After so long on scooters, I couldn't tell if it was a real Harley or a Honda in disguise. It felt great and sounded lovely, but it had gears and a clutch ..... way too much effort for a lazy arse like me .. mai pen rai

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