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Post: 12 'Different Perspectives'

'If you're not riding through New Zealand, .. then you can't call it 'Around The World'' .... Anonymous @ Work

At first, ... I thought he was joking. It was only later in the day when I realized that everybody must have their own opinion on the meaning of 'Around The World'. I considered returning to the office with a Globe and seeking further explanation, .... but as usual, making money got the better of me. One of the most frequently asked questions is 'How long will it take you?'. At first I answered this question with a vague timetable of events, usually amounting to a period of around 3 months. Now, I just return the question , ... 'how long do you think it will take?'. The responses so far range between 1 Month to 3 Years. All I can say is that in the fullness of time, one of those guesstimated responses will prove to be more accurate than the other.
Another frequently asked question is based upon the projected mileage of Poor Circulation. '25,000 Miles, .... how far is that?'. Well, .... it's approximately one lap of the earth with a couple of detours to see places of special interest and a built in margin to account for our map reading skills. To be honest, I could tell some people that it was approximately the distance form London to Kiev and they would still take my word for it. Because we're heading off on what seems like a big adventure, people automatically assume that we know what we're doing. The sad truth is that at this moment in time we've got most of the gear but absolutely no idea. The only thing that we have got, ...... is the 'front' to seek the advice of others who know a hell of a lot more about it than we do. So far, ... our master plan appears to be working.
I've lost count of the times that somebody has sighed and said, 'It's a small world these days', or words to that effect. I've read the first two pages of 'A Brief History of Time', so I'm as much an expert as anybody, so I can tell them with some authority that the 'World' is about the same size as it was back in the days when Triumph's used to leak oil, ..... it's just the choice of vehicle that has changed. A Boeing 747 will get you to New York and back in time for tea, ...... but going by canoe, you'll be struggling to make it back for breakfast. We've chosen to use Motorbikes, ... cycles would have been slightly slower,.. but in turn pedal power would have reduced our Carbon Footprint. Having said that, ... in any 'element' you choose to mention, my footprint will always be smaller than Big Al's.
Talking of 'Time & Space', (I think), I mentioned in an earlier post that I had sacrificed my bed in order to make room in my apartment for Poor Circulation essentials. Considering that we are traveling on Triumph Tigers, it seems improbable that all of these essentials will fit into the available luggage space. Our panniers, top boxes and Ventura Tail-packs are large, ... but they are still some way short of qualifying for independent post codes. I just hope that much of what we consider to be 'Essential' has actually been delivered in excessively bulky packaging. If not, .... then we will have another major problem.

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OK, which one of us said it? Odds on Fav is 'Happy Kevin'