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Post: 10 'Money; Hard to get, Easy to lose'

'Wealth is better than poverty, .... if only for financial reasons' .... Woody Allen

Just when you think that things are coming together quite nicely, .. a kick in the financial gonads is waiting just around the corner.

'Bus Lane Violation, .. pay fine of £120, ... or take a Chance', ..... Bollocks. Poor Circulation were looking for a photographer to capture some shots of our departure, ... we look no further. Transport for London (TfL) provided me with an excellent example of their detailed camera work. They captured my bike and number plate amazingly well, clear as day, ... the only thing missing from the 'Shot', was a bloody bus. Possibly because there was no bus in close proximity to my bike at the time the photo was taken, .. but then, .. there seldom is. £120, ... that's 6 days of budget for Poor Circulation. Thanks Ken.
On the bright side, ... while I'm certain that my £120 will be used to re-fill several potholes in London's deteriorating road network, ... it has motivated me to get out of this City as soon as possible. (Memo to Ken: Please forward any further TfL Penalty Charge Notices to Vladivostok and marked for my urgent attention).
On the even brighter side, a package arrived from ..., ...... 6 sets of Brake Pads at a Poor Circulation kind of price, ... FREE. A big thanks for their support and the fast delivery service. Clearly,.. they didn't dispatch them using 'Blue88'.
Beyond the £120 donation to TfL, this week has seen further sacrifices made in the name of Poor Circulation, .. notably, .. my comfy bed. Unfortunately, our budget doesn't stretch to a nice lock-up office and garage suite in Bulwer Street W12, ... so one simply has to 'make do'. The bed had to go, .. my 'Hard to Let' in the village of Great Saling is on the small side of bijou and with all of the travel essentials we've collected over the past month, I just ran out of living/sleeping space. Thankfully, there is no current 'Mrs Blue88' to kick up a fuss, .. but then if there was, ...... I wouldn't be buggering off on this adventure anyway. I'm sure that sleep will become a lot more comfortable when 'Blacks, The Outdoor Experts' open my begging letter and forward a lovely 'Therma-Rest' travel mat to my welcoming door.
Further news on the Bike 2 Bike Coms. mentioned in my last post, .... we have an offer of a single NADY unit and the possibility of a Scala System, .. previously enjoyed, .... but at Poor Circulation prices.
Still no news on a supply of free Petrol, .. but with the condition of my lungs, I won't be holding my breath for very much longer.

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