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Post 413: Thai Market Food - Lak Si, Bangkok [Posted 25th December 2016]

A travel article on Bangkok that failed to lavish praise upon the city’s eclectic range of street-food, is difficult to imagine. But, in a drive to clear the congested sidewalks and streets on this desperately congested city, street-food has become a victim of of its own success.   
According to the BBC, in 2016 alone, some 15,000 independent street-food vendors were evicted from their traditional sites, and in 2017, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority's campaign to return the streets and sidewalks to vehicles and pedestrians, appears to be gathering pace.
Food writers and tourists love street-food for the overall dining experience, but hard-working cash-strapped Bangkokians love it mostly, for the reasonable price.
Removing 15,000 outlets from a supply chain can not be achieved without consequences, and as food writers go in search of alternative employment for their well-crafted cliches, many Bangkokians are filling-up in affordable meals from the plethora of always present, but often ignored, local food markets.  
Here's a glimpse of what you might find if you wander away from the tourist hot spots ... 

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