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Post 385: New Plans

The summer has vanished and I'm already counting down my final days here in Northern California. It's almost time to start heading west, which means that I'm returning to the East, Bangkok to be precise. I'd hoped to attend the Horizons Unlimited travellers gathering down in Cambria, but sadly that's not going to happen this year. My US Visa will expire just a few days before the event and if I don't leave America on time, there might not be a 'next time'.  

This summer has been busier than usual, so busy that it almost feels like 'work'. By day I've been navigating the confusing maze of publishing Ashes to Boonville and writing the second installment of Poor Circulation by night. Thankfully, Lemon Fresh Design and the Ted Simon Foundation have held my hand through the publishing journey and North Coast Breweries have assisted with the writing, so hopefully the results will be positive.

I'll return to Lak Si on the outer reaches Bangkok for the last week of October, where I'll be reunited with my scooter, the Tiger Retro 110. I shouldn't have to contend with the floods of previous years and hope to begin riding shortly after landing. Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia are on the agenda for this Winter, but my plans have a nasty habit of changing, so I'll keep you posted.

Southeast Asia here I come ... Arm doors and cross-check for landing.        

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