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.... swift update ......

Ok .. so no 'Post' for a couple of weeks. I left California on the 16th of August and returned to London. Sadly my suitcase went to Chicago. You know what I like about United Airlines? .... absolutely nothing.

I was only in England for a day and then flew out to Thailand to cover the Loy Krathong festival in the North, right on the Laos border. If your going to float boats made from banana leaves flowers and candels down a river, then I guess the Mekong is about as good a river as your going to get.

Sadly my PC is refusing to coperate, as is my camera memory card and this aging Internet Cafe computer ... but I'm in no position to complain. How is the weather in England???

I hope to get my act together soon and update everything properly .... I'm just not sure exactly when that will be.

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