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Post 261: Winter Wonderland

Great Britain has been caught-out by unexpected Winter snow and according to the BBC, the nation has ground to an embarrassing halt. The usual crowd of high-volume idiots are already calling it a ’ National Disgrace’, but the majority of us pragmatists are just enjoying the slightly slower pace of life that snow inevitably brings with it. On the BBC News, they interviewed a young lad as he played with his mates in the snow. “I went to school this morning and there was a sign outside saying - ‘SORRY SCHOOL CLOSED‘ - but we‘re not SORRY“. Maybe they should make that young lad Director General of the BBC before society has a chance to beat the fun out of him.

I then got an unexpected call from a distant colleague who was trying to write a short piece for one of the slightly less independent bike magazines. After a few minutes of conversation, I gathered that he wasn’t really writing an article, but rather that he wanted me to write it while he went outside to put the finishing touches to the Office Snowman. I can’t blame him for trying, but as he was getting paid and I wasn’t, I decided to be as honest as possible.

He was trying to put together a short page filler about riding in the snow but was struggling to find any riders who were able or willing to contribute. The piece was to be directed as novice riders and should give them practical advice about coping with the dangers of riding road bikes in the snow. No doubt keen to join his snowman building colleagues outside in the office car park, he asked me to email my thoughts and then he was gone. Fair enough.

“When attempting to ride a road bike in the snow, there is only one important rule to remember. That rule is the rule of Give and Take. Give the bike a rest, Take the bus“. It’s not exactly what he wanted, but if he didn’t want my advice then he shouldn’t have bloody well asked for it. He’d struggled to find any experienced road riders who could advise him on the best techniques for riding in snow, and that wasn’t really surprising. Experienced riders adopt the rule of Give and Take, because when riding in snow there is only one certainty. You will inevitably fall off and no matter how experienced a rider you are, the density of the objects that you hit will simply depend on your luck.


Anonymous said...

Quite right, Geoff
Right about BBC trying to form public opinion when public well able to form own opinions. Right about Give and Take - but keep timetables handy.
This area of GB certainly not come to standstill but pace of life is temporarily slower.
All best wishes and prayers for you and Hannah for Birthday of Christ Jesus on 25th and for New Year 2010.
P & B Kelly

WhistlingFool said...

Hey Geoff,

I think an appropriate set of answers could be.... .

Ask a Russian?

Get a Hack.

Add a third wheel, somewhere.

Three words... dry wall screws.



WhistlingFool said...

BTW... here is a link to a young lady doing a different kind of around the world trip... a good read.. back up to the begining..

'Blue 88' said...

Jason, I picked up Jesse's blog and love her style and spirit. Approaching Cape Horn and then the homeward leg .. quite a star.