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Post 235: Camping Sale ... fill your boots

It’s festival season, a time when teenagers across the country travel great distances to see their musical heroes perform live in front of thousands. I know that it’s not just teenagers who go to festivals, but it’s the teenagers that interest me the most ...... and I don’t mean in an inappropriate way. Mature festival fans are simply that; ‘Mature’ and ‘Fanatical’. They tend to plan ahead and the festival weekends are like annual pilgrimages, they arrive with everything that they need and they leave with everything that they brought with them. Teenagers on the other had are quite possibly visiting Glastonbury, Reading or Chelmsford simply because it’s something that every teenager should do, a rite of passage, a once in a lifetime event. They enjoy the live music, they revel in the 72 hour party atmosphere but over the course of the weekend, many of those teenagers will discover that camping just really isn't their thing. Come Monday morning their festival experience will be history, Sebastian and Samantha will move on to planning their gap-year experience and behind them in a rubbish strewn field will be a veritable smorgasbord of abandoned camping equipment. Post festival access to the Glastonbury site might be quite difficult, but after many of the smaller festivals you can lightly grease the palm of a contract worker and the Blacks Adventure tent, the Karrimor sleeping bag and the Big Greta air mat can be yours for a song. If you’re planning a journey then ‘Free-Cycling’ can save you hundreds of pounds and those savings will convert directly into extra days on the road. Try it ..... it's not very 'British' but you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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Rob said...

Wow incredible Blog, I am very glad that I found it!! Your journey is remarkable.
I agree with your thoughts about the Rite of Passage. It is incredible that some folks never take the opportunity to do something which is beyond the logical approach.