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Post 231: A Fox Perspective

Killing time in swanky reception areas s an occupational hazard that never seems to disappear. Normally the time is passed by watching the comings and goings of various people and according to their levels of politeness, trying to guess who is there to 'Sell' and who is there to 'Buy'. However, on the cinema sized plasma screen they were showing Fox News, a programme that I haven't seen since leaving America last November. I couldn't avoid watching it, I was hooked.

It's nice to see that in an attempt to provide a balanced view of both domestic and world events, Fox News carried an equally large chip on both of it's shoulders. It was an educational hour and the first revelation was that due to light snowfall overnight in one of the Northern States, Fox News could now prove conclusively that Climate Change was nothing more than a myth. Secondly, it was good news for George W Bush because the current world economic crisis was caused entirely by President Obama. GWB and the Republican Party are apparently innocent of all charges.

I then learned from Bill O'Reilly that President Obama was now actively appointing known racists to the position of Supreme Court Justice, which I suspect is the equivalent of a UK Law Lord. A judge by the name of Sonia Sotomayor apparently suggested that being an 'Hispanic Woman', she could understand the challenges faced by other 'Hispanic Women' more easily than your average 'White Man'. Apparently, instead of being a logical statement of fact, that comment simply makes her a 'Racist'.

Thankfully towards the end of the Fox News Hour, they moved on to more serious matters and briefly discussed the threats posed by Iran's Mahmud Ahmerdineajad and North Korea's Kim Jong Il. Although the former wants to wipe Israel from the face of the earth and the latter is exploding nuclear devices for the sheer fun of it, the biggest topic for discussion was their respective hairstyles.

As the programme ended, Fox News had clearly saved the very best for last. They praised George W Bush for his refusal to criticise President Obama for his poor handling of the economy and stopped just short of suggesting that GWB would be a good role model for Obama to follow. In the credits I found that Bill O'Reilly was sponsored by a bespoke tailor and a producer of tooth whitening products ....... and who said that comedy was dead?


farmer alan of boonville, ca. said...

just one of the reasons we don't have TV!

Geoff said...

Fortunately Farmer, you can have a TV without being forced to watch Fox 'News'. Just like you can have one without being forced to pay Murdoch anything.
Mind you, I have much sympathy with your choice.

Geoff (Kentbiker)

'Blue 88' said...

I don't have a TV at home either, ..... but every now and again it's good see a decent comedy programme, brings a little smile to an otherwise dull day. (Please tell me that 'Fox' is in fact a comedy/light entertainment network)