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Post 214: Snow Time

Life's ''on hold'' at the moment,... I've even missed the inevitable disappointment of my annual visit to the MCN bike show at Excel. Every year I look forward to it and every year I return home disappointed,.... maybe I should lower my expectations, .. or simply just stop going there.

On Thursday I was arranging the first bikes that I've been offered for testing: Moto Morini and Royal Enfield,.... I was looking forward to having some fun. Then the telephone call came, .... ''operation on the 7th of February,... would I be available?'', .... bring it on. The sooner the better, ...... four weeks off bikes, but then I'll have my life back and freedom at last.

In an attempt to track down a couple of people who appeared on my 'Just Giving' page, ... I've discovered Face Book. I'm still not sure how Face Book works, or exactly what I'm supposed to do with it,... but in two days I've manage to track down several friends that I'd lost touch with in various parts of the world. I should really have done all this before setting out on Poor Circulation, ... then I could have visited people along the way, ... but maybe I'll just have to work out ways to visit them anyway.

It snowed last night, .... it was still there this morning, .. more of it, proper snow. It looks nice but it's not fun when you don't own a car. On the bright side, the teachers at my daughters school will no doubt be experiencing 'traveling difficulties' and I suspect that the school will be closed for the day, ....... so I guess I'd better go find my gloves and begin my 'snowman making' duties.


BlueMonday said...

Facebook clicks eventually. It has it's critics, and sometime I'd be one. But, it has located a number of old friends and we've been able to pool brilliant photos. Just in time for a book of the social history of our particular group of friends to be written.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, did a search for you, but so many, and no pic to go by, I'd like to add you as a friend, I know, do a search for me (Duke Theedam) and invite me...there are not many of me, lol. I've been using facebook for ages, but only recently started using it properly...I await a message !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff,
Good luck with the 'opp' and your resulting well deserved rest. Looking forward to the output on your new 'day job' so good luck with that as well.
9/10 for the snow person, LOL
take care,
Mike (LB)

'Blue 88' said...

Thanks,.. I found you Duke and have now been 'facebooked'. Cheers Mike, and the snowman is still standing, ... a fine example of British engineering.